The Craft of the week will feature stamping your own fingerprints and then making a magnifying glass to inspect them. The supplies will be laid out in our art room for you to make at your convenience all throughout the week.

10AM Activity on Monday: We will be navigating our way through a laser maze!

10AM Activity on Wednesday: Defuse the bomb game! How quickly can you defuse the bomb? You’ll need to unwrap the rubber bands off the pinecone before the timer goes off!

10AM Activity on Friday: We will be spies in training and run through an obstacle course.

10:30 Make and Take All Week: We will be writing messages in invisible ink!

11am Story Time All Week: We will be reading Agent A to Z and then making a walkie talkie you get to take home with you.

12 Noon Activity on Monday: Join us for a game of I-Spy.

12 Noon Activity on Wednesday: Can you walk the wire? We’ll set up our balance beam and challenge you to make it to the other side without falling off. If walking is too easy, how about we send obstacles your way?

12 Noon Activity on Friday: We will make spy decoders. We’ll help you put it together and then learn how to use it. Then you can create a secret message and give it to another secret agent to decode.

Spy Week

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